We are in unprecedented times. This is not an event we had planned for. The temptation is to stick our heads in the sand when it comes to marketing particularly when we are paddling to keep a business afloat, working to furlough staff and are strapped with the feeling we have nothing to promote.  Marketing experts have much to say on whether businesses should carry on marketing in the current climate however the majority are sure: the marketing show should continue.

If you have a business, you have something to say

If you have a business, you have something to say – don’t back away completely. Obviously, it’s not business as usual so readjust your strategy, amend your message, engage with your audience and seize the opportunity to promote the personality of your brand.

Stay in touch

By staying prominent on your marketing channels you are staying in touch with your clients.  This is key to encouraging your clients to remember you and to return when the time is right to do so. Keep the conversation going and remember that all communications should be timely and relevant.  Think about which channels work best for your business.  Social media is proving a lifeline in these times – Instagram for example recorded a 21% increase in users in March 2020, a figure which is set to continue growing throughout the year.  Email newsletters too are being extremely well received as people are now at home and have time to read them.  These too are a great way to get your targeted message bang in front of your client base.

Find positivity

Don’t make your communications a newsroom of doom and gloom – build your current operation into your strategy in an informative way.  For example promote opening hours, even if these are remote and if you have any staff working, let your clients and followers know who they can speak to and how.  Be transparent and genuine.

Here are some ideas;

  • Talk about past trips

You and your clients will have enjoyed many past travels and remembering these trips will showcase your expertise. Show your passion for travel and enthuse about why you would recommend people include certain destinations on their bucket list for future travels.

  • Sew the seed of future holidays

Evidence suggests that multi generational family getaways and special occasions will be the first things peope will think about when travel picks up again.

  • Promote partner news

News of hotels and destinations you work with may be of interest to your clients and followers e.g cookery courses being streamed online by a hotel in the Caribbean.

  • Engage with your local community

This is particularly easy to do on social media. E.g show your support for local schools donating PPE equipment to the NHS, video the local community coming out to #clapforcarers on a Thursday evening at 8pm or mention a staff member who has volunteered to help others whilst being furloughed.

  • Promote relevant information

Think about what your audience may want to hear and what is relevant.  If you receive any specific questions from clients, promote your response as a help to other clients.

  • Share happy news

Talk about bookings you may be working on (if appropriate), any future plans you have to meet clients and mention client holidays that have been postponed rather than cancelled.

  • Load a statement onto your website

This may simply state what your operational hours are or may give a run down of how you are dealing with bookings in date order.  Whatever the message, be clear and communicative so your clients know where they stand.


Originally posted in May 2020.

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