We offer a range of services to compliment the needs of your business.

Marketing audit

If your marketing plan is out of date or you need a fresh pair of eyes and an injection of expertise, we can help.

We can audit your current activity, including your social media platforms and help you define your goals. We’ll work with you to define your target audience and tone of voice and can recommend and implement changes to your current plan to create a forward thinking overall strategy.  To find out more, get in touch.

Social media management

Effective management of a targeted social media strategy is crucial to the success of your social media platforms.  We will audit your current platforms, define your goals and your target audience, decide on the relevant platforms for your business and create and manage a targeted plan. This will include content creation and curation, posting schedules and management and analysis of platform progress.  If this is something your business needs, get in touch.

Content marketing

Creating relevant and engaging content takes time and needs to be managed in line with your overall marketing strategy.  We can manage effective social media content, newsletter content, video content or web content and ensure the vision and perception of your company’s brand is on target. If you’re struggling with content, get in touch.


Words are key.  Formulating carefully chosen words in the right way will make the difference between successfully communicating your message and falling on deaf ears, or eyes. Whether you need copy for social media posts, copy for your website, a regular newsletter or a full blown blog we can help effectively communicate your message and help you engage with your audience.  Get In touch if you need some wizard copy.

Overall strategy

If you don’t know where to start and need help with your overall strategy from audit through to creation and management, get in touch.  We will work with you to define your business goals, focus on your target audience and create an effective overall marketing strategy for your business.


If you are keen to manage your own social media or content creation we can kickstart your skillset with our social media and content management masterclasses.

Get in touch to find out more.


We work and subsequently charge depending on the time needed to manage or complete your project.  We are able to work on ad hoc projects as well as on an ongoing consultancy basis.  We appreciate every business is unique so approach each project individually and do not have a one size fits all policy.  Get in touch to have an informal chat about your business needs.